Music & Entertainment Consultancy







Music is irreplaceable means of Entertainment, but also a powerful tool to influence a person both on conscious and subconscious level.


Do you imagine your establishment without background music - It is inconceivable, isn’t?


Lack of musical background would not only provoke a feeling of “emptiness floating in the air”, but would also create sensible discomfort within each guest, customer and staff member.


For years, music has been a great marketing tool for brand positioning within the market, establishing and maintaining the desired image etc. – part of every brad management and a day-to-day business in the hospitality industry.


However, to play just any music as background or have just any entertainment has not been enough for long now, that is why many of our clients relay on our knowledge and professional abilities in being their trusted music & entertainment consultant.


In a result, the service of Music and Entertainment Consultancy we offer, undoubtedly ensure a complete and positive experience to your valuable guests, customers and staff.


Of course, our service is a must in the brand positioning and image, re-branding and brand management in general.


Through our service Music & Entertainment Consultancy our clients achieve:


  • The desired ambiance;
  • Fine “tuning” of the listener/customer (who is consciously and unconsciously surrounded by music) to the atmosphere of the venue/area;
  • “Modeling” of guests’/customers’ emotions synchronized with the whole experience offered to your guests/customers (spa, afternoon lobby tea, Italian cuisine, common areas brand feel, event concept feel and etc);
  • Excluding all risk of “clash” between the offered services/experience and inappropriate created atmosphere through inconsistent or even worse, wrong music background or entertainment;
  • Brand recognition and it’s positive image.


We give our clients the guarantee of highest standard and quality in the service, with  precision and personal attitude of our music designer & entertainment curator, who are established professionals: musicians, musicologists and music aesthetes;


We always follow our clients’ requirements, in order to fulfill, as good as possible their expectations but most importantly we strive to bring their ideas to life!


This being said, if you would like to absolutely please your valuable guests, customers or staff with just the right music or entertainment atmosphere, if you need to work on your brand’s image and recognition allow us to assist you!